Episode 7

Published on:

12th Jul 2022

CultureRoad Podcast - Episode 7: Workplace Trauma

In the next episode, CultureRoad™ creator and podcast host DeEtta Jones chats with Holly Brittingham, Founder and President at Septaria Consulting, to unpack and examine the intricacies of trauma as well as how it shows itself in the workplace and society at large.

This episode covers:

  • [13:00] - Trauma in the workplace 
  • [4:29] - Understanding the brain 
  • [7:20] - What is trauma?
  • [8:18] - The Murder of George Floyd 
  • [21:39] - Culture and oppression 
  • [24:16] - Workplace practices
  • [18:09] - Racialized trauma 

Key quotes:

  • “President Obama launched an initiative in 2013 to understand the brain” -Holly Brittingham, 4:42
  • “Apart of the confusion around the word is because it’s still so new” -Holly Brittingham, 5:39
  • “A-cud trauma which is what happens when you’ve experienced a singular event that’s traumatizing” -Holly Brittingham, 7:20
  • “Chronic trauma that would be like like sustained above us that’s over a number of years” -Holly Brittingham, 7:35
  • “Complex trauma which is varied, it’s multiple sources and it’s often interpersonal” -Holly Brittingham, 7:41
  • “In the wake of George Floyd… there was re-traumatization happening for black Americans” -Holly Brittingham, 8:19
  • “Our bodies hold memories” -DeEtta Jones, 9:06
  • “He (Will Smith) looked like someone in the wake of a PTSD trigger” -Holly Brittingham, 12:34
  • “There is a such thing as racialized trauma.” -Holly Brittingham, 16:13
  • “Racialized trauma is a type of trauma experienced uniquely by a group of people that have been oppressed.” -Holly Brittingham, 18:09
  • “Even within specific racialized communities we have these oppressive beliefs and practices we hand down to each other because it was handed down to us.” - DeEtta Jones (20:04)
  • “Culture and oppression are not the same thing” - DeEtta Jones (21:39)
  • “Meditation is good for everybody” - Holly Brittingham (24:54)
  • “Organizations have a big responsibility to give the king of support that managers need.” - Holly Brittingham (26:03)

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