Episode 9

Published on:

17th Mar 2023

CultureRoad Podcast - Episode 9: Honoring Women Making History

Join us as we celebrate International Women's Day with an incredible 2 part podcast series. In episode 9, we sit down with the inspiring Monique Idlett (Founder and Managing Partner of Reign Venture Capital) for a candid conversation about her journey of transformation. From her mother's impact on her life to leaving the music industry and taking on a new career path, Monique shares her powerful story of growth and self-discovery. Get ready to be inspired and learn about the transformative power of our journeys on CultureRoad.



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Welcome to the CultureRoad Podcast, where cultural transformation takes center stage in every discussion. Join DeEtta Jones, a 30-year veteran in the industry and renowned transformational leadership expert, as she leads insightful conversations with experts on the cutting-edge issues of our time. From culture to inclusion, personal development, anti-oppression, and beyond, this podcast offers fresh perspectives on the hottest topics and current events shaping society and contemporary life. Listeners will gain valuable insights and engage in stimulating dialogue; to impact your reflections of self, relationships with others, and help you chart and commit to your purpose-filled path. Whether you want to expand your worldview or integrate steps toward cultural transformation into your everyday life, this podcast is essential for anyone on their journey.